Bonaire Blond

The Taste of the Island

Bonaire Blond,
the Taste of the Island

Bonaire finally has its own beer, ‘Bonaire Blond’. Inspired by the taste and brewed with ingredients of Bonaire. The blond beer has hints of fresh lime and the spiciness of flowers from the local Onima Aloe Vera plantation.

The original beer

A Beer brewed in the traditional way, with a double fermentation during the brewing process and a third fermentation in the bottle. The Lager is made from only barley malt and is pale yellow, gold in color.

A refreshing, flavorful beer, and the only Bonairian special beer with character. Additionally, Bonaire Blond is aged for a longer time than the usual Blond, for at least 4 weeks, which improves its taste.

Color: Yellow / Gold
Taste: Spiciness from the Aloe with hints of grapefruit
Alcohol: 4,5%

The House of Bonaire Blond | BREWERY

The Brewery, house of Bonaire Blond, is the first and only real BREWERY on the Island. With a daily changing hand crafted beer selection on draft it is the perfect location to refresh after a warm Bonairian day!

Every Saturday you are able to join the live Brewing session starting at 12 o’clock!

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