After two successful events it is time for the third edition of the biggest culinary event of Bonaire: The Bonaire Blond Restaurant week! From 30 October till 06 November over 20 restaurants will exceed your expectations with a special Restaurant week menu. For only $27,50 you can enjoy a culinary three-course menu at any of the participating restaurants.

Last edition over 4.000 guests enjoyed the menu’s and this edition even more are expected!

Bonaire Blond is the most local beer brand on the Island and supports the local restaurateurs during low season. On the other hand all people of Bonaire are able to get a great deal and discover restaurants on Bonaire for amazing prices!

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Make sure you’ll be there!


Sebastian’s Restaurant

Check out Sebastian’s menu

Address: J. A. Abraham  Nr. 60

Phone: (00599) 717-1697

Sebastian’s Restaurant By The Sea on Bonaire serves an eclectic and international menu with a Mediterranean flair. The restaurant offers seaside dining and their special table on the pier (available by special request), as well as an amply stocked bar, and a lounge area which is ideally suited to sipping a glass of wine and watching for Bonaire’s elusive green flash!

Joe’s Grillhouse Bonaire

Check out Joe’s Grill menu

Address: Julio A. Abraham Boulevard Nr. 87

Phone: (00599) 717 – 9182

Joe’s Grillhouse Is known for its specialties on the grill; ranging from fish to meat, you will be in for a treat! In combination with flawless beer selections this couple will surprise you with their hospitality!

La Cantina Cerveceria

Check out La Cantina’s menu

Address: Kaya Grandi 12

Phone: (00599) 717 3595

Finding locally grown, fresh and tasty food on Bonaire is becoming more and more easier – and the diversity of the products available is incredible. Visit this amazing restaurant to discover the real taste of Bonaire. Settle into the kitchen counter for a communal dining experience with our Chef’s Table, enjoy a delicious a la carte menu or find your favorite catch at our Fish Market!

Restaurant At Sea

Check out At Sea’s menu

Address: Kaya C.E.B. Hellmund 25 

Phone: (00599) 701-0134

Restaurant At Sea is situated on the boulevard of Bonaire with striking views of the Caribbean Sea. The little Bonairian Chachacha dates back from 1912 and has magnificent details.

With a welcoming atmosphere and the finest dishes you can find on Bonaire we strive to make your evening one out of a million!


Check out Capriccio’s menu

Address: Kaya C.E.B. Hellmund Nr. 5

Phone: (00599) 717-7230

Chef and owner of CAPRICCIO IL RISTORANTE e LA BOUTIQUE Born in Merate, a small town close to Como in Italy, attends to culinary school in Milano, trained with some of the best Italian and French chef, becomes an executive chef when only 21 short of one year after he becomes the youngest chef in Italy to get a Michelin Star. Some time after that, he moves his dream and his love for good cuisine traditions to Bonaire.

Born in Padova, Italy, moves to USA in early 80’s, to finish her study of English Language, and works for Italian Consulate, as party planner, then she goes on with her carrier in restaurant business, works for some of the most prestigious restaurants in Los Angeles. At the end of the 80’s gets a little home sick and decides to go back to Italy.

There is when they meet, fall in love and decide to go as first vacation together to Bonaire. This happened 20 years ago and … right there the CAPRICCIO adventure began!


Check out Ingridiënts menu

Address: Kaya Gob. N. Debrot Nr. 85

Phone: (00599) 717-1684

Since we first envisioned “Ingridients” we wanted it to be different, to be far from clichés and common places, we wanted it to be unique and personal, like us, like you. We’ve been in the tourism industry for decades; and in that time we’ve had the chance of visiting hundreds of restaurants, but only a handful of them did earn a place in our minds and hearts. Our food is based on the Mediterranean cuisine and uses the basic principles of the French, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Next to that we use our local produce and serve all this next to the magical blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. We wanted to create a space of comfort and luxury, of fresh elegance; a place for you to dine different. We tried to put our personal experience in everything, from the food, the decoration, and yes, the name. Hopefully we’ll earn a place in your good memories. That’s it, this is us, this is Ingridients, this is our home, please let it be your home as well. Enjoy!

Cuba Compagnie

Check out Cuba’s menu

Address: Kaya Grandi 1

Phone: (00599) 717-1822

Welcome at Cuba Compagnie on Bonaire!

The friendliness of the people, the warm atmosphere, erotic dancing, the stirring music, the beautiful buildings and the special cars have had Cuba stealing our hearts during the holidays that we celebrated on the largest of all Caribbean islands. We wanted to let the atmspheres of Cuba come back in our venue on Bonaire, so the people would feel at home right away. We are proud that we succeeded in doing that, measured by the reactions of our guests! In Cuba you still find very little smartphones, tablets and laptops today, so people are really engaged with each other and not with their phones. Luckily also at Cuba Compagnie Bonaire we see very few people more liking Facebook than the views on the beautiful Caribbean Sea in our front yard. We see that Cuba Compagnie is a place to meet, to talk, to laugh and to dance. Celebrating life in Cuba is rule number one, and so it is with us at Cuba Compagnie: VIVA CUBA!!

It Rains Fishes

Check out It Rains Fishes menu

Address: Kaya Jan N.E. Craane Nr. 24

Phone: (00599) 717-8780

Many diners visit the restaurant and enjoy its culinary offerings, outstanding service and appreciate its architecture, unaware of the history of the actual building. As the building is more than 100 years old, allow us to enlighten you with a historical account of the “Kas di Pa Kachi Craane and Ma Seshi Craane-Graavenhorst”. “Kas di Pa Kachi Craane i Ma Seshi Craane ­Gravenhorst” is a house situated on the waterfront of Playa Pabou. This architectural style is what Frans Booi calls “Kas di Kaha” (Box Model). The structure consists of three rooves ­ a hipped roof ­ with dormers around it. The peaks of the rooves are usually decorated with figures or statues.

Rum Runners

Check out Rum Runners menu

Address: Kaya Gob N. Debrot 103

Phone: (00599) 717-8298 (Ext. 100) 

The experienced chefs and waiters in this idyllic setting ensure that all meals are a true pleasure. We offer an international menu, daily local specials, and our Pizza Temple with authentic Italian thin crust pizza and a wide assortment of specialty pizzas and toppings.

Breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 10:00 am so whether you’re an early riser ready to catch a morning dive or prefer a more leisurely approach to your vacation you’ll get your eggs cooked fresh to order. The buffet includes a wide array of fresh tropical fruits, breads, and cereals.

Lunch is enjoyed between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm with delicious salads, sandwiches, burgers, and snacks. In the evenings, relax to another perfect sunset and enjoy a la carte dining Tuesday through Sunday.

La Guernica

Check out La Guernica’s menu

Address: Kaya Bonaire 4 C

Phone: (00599) 717-5022

Welcome to the only true Tapas restaurant on Bonaire! We’ll serve you a wide variety of the most creative Spanish style tapas, as well as some exquisite fish and meat dishes.

Your Hostess Lotte and Chef Faber, together with their friendly crew, welcome you to join them for a delicious waterfront dinner that you won’t forget.

Spice Beach Club

Check out Spice’s menu

Address: Bulevar Gobernador N. Debrot

Phone: (00599) 717-8060 

Welcome to Spice Beach Club, Bonaire

On the Caribbean coast, located at the Eden beach Resort, just outside of town, the beach, the pool, the beach bar, restaurantand lounge bar form: Spice Beach Club!

A contemporary, yet relaxed environment where you can wind down and throughout the whole day enjoy a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino, a fresh smoothie, a cold beer, soda, cocktail or delicious mixed drink.

Spice Beach Club is open daily from 07:00 to at least 23:00 for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Spice Beach Club offers much more than just preparing and serving your meals and drinks. Think about our Happy Hours on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6-7pm.

Aside from that we often have great artists, bands, comedians and DJs performing on our main stage.

Blue Garden

Check out Blue Garden’s menu

Address: Julio A. Abraham Boulevard 6

Phone: (00599) 717-2600

Try the most delicious, all natural beef from Brazil called PICANHA, grilled to perfection on a traditional charcoal barbecue. Our authentic Brazilian cheese bread will melt on your tongue the moment you bite in it. We have our Brazilian pizza made on the iron pan with the most exotic toppings and ingredients that will leave you breathless! Try the one and only genuine Brazilian Caipirinha always made with fresh fruits.

Karel’s Beach Bar

Check out Karel’s menu

Address: Kaya J.N.E Craane Nr.12

Phone: (00599) 717-8434

Karel’s Beach Bar is a unique seafront bar and restaurant that is located right in the heart of Bonaire.

Karel’s Beach Bar is the culmination of four generations and 85 years of hard work, great food and excellent service. Zeezicht meaning ‘sea view’ in Dutch was founded in 1929 by Mr. Julio A. Abraham and was a place of gathering for everyone. What started as a bar quickly grew to a popular spot and has been growing ever since, with every generation adding their own unique style and feel to the place, while keeping the tradition alive. Zeezicht has been known for its seafood, fresh fish and Karel’s Beach Bar is a landmark to anyone that has visited Bonaire before.

You are most welcome to Karel’s Beach Bar to experience this magical place for yourself!

Tasty bar & Steakhouse

Check out Tasty bar & steakhouse’s menu

Address: Kaya Grandi 4A

Phone: (00599) 7823311 or (00599) 7173315

If you are looking for the best Caribbean and Peruvian food Tasty bar and steakhouse is THE place to be! With a wide variety of choices there is always something to your likening. Find them on the main street of Bonaire; the Kaya Grandi and be surprised by there hidden terrace at the back of their restaurant.

Italy in the World

Check out Italy in the World’s menu

Address: Kaya G. Debrot Nr. 39

Phone: (00599) 780-2305

Italy in the world is Bonaire’s premier source of  fine Italian wines and food selling to the retail/wholesale trade. The shop features the widest possible choice of exceptional  Italian wines from the best producing regions of Italy.  With labels such as Piedmont, Tuscany, Trentino, Friuli, Veneto, Sicily, Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia Romagna, there is something for even the most discerning palate.

The company not only has the best wines but also high quality delicious   pasta in many varieties, vegetables in olive oil, starter, ragout, sauce and other delaines.  Desert is also a gastronomic adventures with sweet delicacies such as fruit in syrup, jam, cakes, chocolate, and many more. For those suffering from allergies or intolerances , we dedicate an area of the shop by introducing gluten free products.

The real passion of Italy in the world can be felt as soon as you enter the shop.  Italy in the World is housed in an historical building whose quaint exterior belies the treats that await you inside.

We offer excellent customer service and a knowledgeable staff specialized in food and wine pairing.

Be sure to ask about joining the Italy in the World Wine Club so that we can keep you up to date as to wines testing and new arrivals.

Breeze ‘n Bites

Check out Breeze ‘n Bites menu

Address: Boulevard Gobenador N. Debrot  Nr. 77

Phone: (00599) 717-3003

A perfect location for your afternoon relaxation! Working with fresh products the kitchen will continuously surprise you! Stunning views, relaxing vibes and friendly staff; a perfect combo for that well deserved moment of relaxation!

Chibi Chibi Restaurant

Check out Chibi Chibi’s menu

Address: J.A. Abraham Blvd Nr. 40

Phone: (00599) 717-8285

Open for lunch and dinner daily, the newly renovated Chibi Chibi is a colorful, romantic gathering spot where Executive Chefs Selsio de Palm & Antonio Bruni and their team serve a wide variety of traditional, continental cuisine as well as fresh local seafood. Guests dining at the Chibi Chibi are entertained by a multitude of tropical fish in the surf just below the restaurant.


Check out Blennies Menu

Address: Kaya Gob Nicolas Debrot #85

Phone: +599 717 5080

Lunch is served from 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. at Blennies Restaurant Bonaire, with a selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers and delicious fruit shakes to choose from. It’s the perfect time to observe the activity happening on the dive dock below you.

At the end of the day come and join our Happy Hour, daily from 5:00pm till 6:00 pm, with 50% discount on all soft drinks, juices, beers, wine by glass, cocktails of the day and house or call drinks. Visit with friends at Blennies Restaurant Bonaire and recapture the day’s events while enjoying refreshing tropical drinks. If you’re among the lucky, you might even see the famous green flash as you watch a beautiful island sunset.

Harbour Village

Check out Harbour Village’s menu

Address: Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot No. 71

Phone: 599-717-7500

Set on Bonaire’s most exclusive beach, you will find the iconic Harbour Village, an oasis above and below the sea. Beloved by sun lovers, scuba divers, and seafarers, Harbour Village Bonaire captures the breezy, barefoot elegance of the Dutch Caribbean. Consistently named Bonaire’s leading hotel, our boutique retreat is tucked on an intimate stretch of white sand lined with palm trees, private villas and beachfront suites.


Check out Courtyard Marriott’s menu

Address: Kaya International 2

Phone: (00599) 715-2222

Experience the ideal Caribbean vacation at Courtyard Bonaire. Our hotel rooms and suites provide stylish décor and furniture that create a calming ambiance for all travelers. Free Wi-Fi and wall-mounted TVs with premium cable channels like CNN and ESPN help make your stay in Bonaire feel more like home. Enjoy a good night’s sleep in our hotel with comfortable beds featuring crisp linens and fluffy pillows. When you start feeling hungry, you can visit our hotel restaurant for a selection of healthy entrees. We also provide a convenient hotel bar with hand-crafted cocktails and evening drinks. Continue your active lifestyle and get your heart pumping with our fully equipped fitness center and refreshing outdoor pool. Feed your hunger for adventure with a variety of locales nearby including Bonaire National Marine Park and Washington Slagbaai National Park. Underwater excursions and horseback tours are also available near our hotel. Reserve your stay and plan your vacation getaway today.

Bon Aroma

Check out Bon Aroma’s menu

Address: Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 54

Phone: (–500) 795 9009

Bon Aroma Restaurant — fine dining, featuring French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine, and known for its cozy ambience and personal touch. The menu ranges from traditional coquille St. Jacques to vegetarian lasagna to confit duck leg gratinée.

Red Palm Village

Check out Red Palm’s menu

Address: Kaminda Sorobon 20

Phone: (00599) 700 3978

Red Palm Village is ons nieuwe avontuur. Een prachtig stuk kunukugrond aan de rand van de mangrove. En daar dan een heerlijk luxe resort met lekkere vrijstaande lodges, ruim opgezet met alle comfort en luxe die je wenst voor een onvergetelijke vakantie.

Red Palm Village wordt gebouwd met het idee dat luxe en comfort prima samen kunnen gaan met duurzaamheid. Bij de keuze van materialen is dit idee ook steeds doorslaggevend geweest.

Zen’s Bar & Cafe

Check out Zen’s menu

Address: Kaya Gob N Debrot #66

Phone: (00599) 717 1505

Zen’s Bar & Café is designed with Zen inspired decoration which has the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. We aim to create a carefree, relaxed ambiance for you to enjoy nice food and exquisite cocktails with friends, family or colleagues.

We are open every day except Wednesday. Come by and experience Zen’s relaxing atmosphere yourself….

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If you want to get the best out of your vacation on Bonaire, We Share Bonaire offers you the best tourist information in amazing videos and photos. Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more or would like to participate. For daily updates and all the highlights of Bonaire join our 117.000+ followers on Facebook!

Feel Bonaire

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In the Caribbean Sea, in a climate of permanent tropical heat, lies a small island with unspoiled nature in a breathtaking setting. An island that radiates peace through a peaceful, calm culture and at the same time overwhelms by pristine savannas, turquoise-blue bays, rough lava rocks, fascinating salt lakes and amazing mangroves. This island has its own character and once experienced, it stays in your heart for ever.

This is an island that can not be captured in photographs. You must undergo it. That’s why we say: Bonaire is the best kept secret of the Caribbean. Do you want to learn more about our fantastic island? Read more about our nature and culture!

Tourism Bonaire

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It is truly our pleasure to welcome you to Bonaire. An island blessed with an unsurpassed natural beauty.

From the depths of our pristine waters to the height of our tallest peak, Brandaris, you will feel Bonaire’s magic wash over you from the moment you arrive and throughout the days as you become attuned to Bonaire’s unhurried pace. You will find that, here on Bonaire, there is a peaceful ambiance for daily life, without the hassle of traffic lights, hustle and bustle, or normal, day-to-day worries. Your only concern will be how to spend each new day you have on Bonaire. Nowhere else is vacationing as easy as on Bonaire, as our warm, friendly people welcome visitors from around the world.

Gio’s Gelateria & Coffé

Check out Gio’s

Gio’s gelateria & caffé is the place you want to go for home made gelato and coffee.